Sunday, March 02, 2014

Student Media Convergence Begins!

When we began planning the new Ithacan newsroom last spring, the idea was that it would not only serve as an ideal workspace for the Ithacan staff and provide a showcase for the paper’s daily print and multimedia operations, but that it would also serve as a converged workspace that would incorporate aspects of ICTV, the campus television station; and WICB, the radio station; as well.
That goal took a large step toward realization Thursday night when Newswatch broadcast it’s first brief segment from the newsroom. When we renovated the space, the west end of the room was fitted with appropriate lighting for a television shoot. Now we have a camera in place, as well as fixed communication between the newsroom and the studio. Additional broadcasts, content sharing between the student media and an aggregated website are among the projects in the works.
Dean Diane Gayeski set the whole thing in motion last year, and the hard work of the Park School's Technical Operations team helped make it a reality.
Here’s Newswatch’s Jesse Feldman ’15 from the newsroom:

And here's a piece our multimedia team put together to document the event.

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