Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Great Dinner with the New York Ithacan Alums

Counterclockwise from left: Stacey Coburn Williams, Nic Barajas, Emily
Paulsen, Jen Hodess Gonzalez, Liz Crowley Pontillo, Gustavo Rivas-Solis,
 Kelli B. Grant, Jim Hawver and Matt Quintanilla.
The Heartland Brewery on W. 43rd St. in Manhattan was once again the venue for our annual dinner with New York City Ithacan alumni, held in conjunction with the spring National College Media Convention. There was great food and great service, as always.

Twenty alumni turned out out to see old friends and meet new ones, as they interacted with one another and with seven current Ithacan staff members fresh off a victory in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Crown Award competition at the convention.  
Counterclockwise from left, Steven Pirani, Evan Falk, Michelle Boule, Tucker
Mitchell, Shawn Steiner, Molly Apfelroth, Jared Dionne, Rachel Orlow
and Patrick Doyle.
Alumni in attendance were, in alphabetical order: Molly Apfelroth ’13, Nic Barajas ’08, Michelle Boule ’13, Jared Dionne ’13, Patrick Doyle, Aaron Edwards ’12, Evan Falk ’09, Jennifer Hodess Gonzalez ’02, Kelli B. Grant ’04, Jim Hawver ’07, Rachel Orlow ’13, Jackie Palochko ’11, Emily Paulsen ’05, Kaydi Poirier ’11, Elizabeth Crowley Pontillo ’04, Matt Quintanilla ’07, Gustavo Rivas-Solis 01, Libby Sile ’11, Shawn Steiner ’13  and Stacey Coburn Williams ’07.

The current students who met them at the dinner were Online News Editor Jack Curran ’15, Photo Editor Tucker Mitchell ’16, Assistant Accent Editor Steven Pirani ’16, Assistant Sports Editor Miles Surrey ’15, Assistant News Editor Kayla Dwyer ’17, Multimedia Editor Deanna Romanoff ’14 and Chief Proofreader Vicky Wolak ’14.
It was great to see everyone again, as always, and for those of you who couldn’t make it, you were missed. But there’s always next year.
Counterclockwise from left: Vicky Wolak, Aaron Edwards, Miles Surrey, Deanna
 Romanoff, Kaydi Poirier, Jack Curran, Kayla Dwyer, Jackie Palochko and Libby Sile.

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