Saturday, September 27, 2014

That’s PROFESSOR Delaney to You

Former sports editor Brian Delaney ’04, now a lecturer in our journalism department, collaborated with Professor Anthony Adornato to present a Saturday morning workshop on interviewing skills for our campus chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists on Sept. 27. He did a great job — he’s a natural in front of a classroom. Or he may just have been in a good mood because he’d recently gotten married.

Friday, September 12, 2014

He Has The Ithacan in His Blood

Laura Bauman Shalem ’06 with son Isaiah
and husband Avi in the Ithacan office.
Young Isaiah Shalem dropped by the Ithacan office, perhaps to make plans for his future career. His mother, former Ithacan sales manager Laura Bauman Shalem ’06, still holds the record for advertising sales. With that background, he’s bound to go far. 

Monday, September 01, 2014

It’s Ithacan Brew Fest Time!

Andy Swift ’09 and Michelle Barrie ’10
Labor Day means many things — honoring the achievements of American workers, a long weekend and the unofficial end of summer foremost among them — but for IC grads who worked at The Ithacan, it mostly means Ithacan Brew Fest. Once again our dedicated alumni made the trek upstate (or in some cases from as far as D.C.), this time to a house they rented in Trumansburg. Everyone brought a beer native to their home, so there were a lot of new experiences to be had. This year’s editor-in-chief, Jack Curran, and managing editor, Kira Maddox, joined us and met their glorious predecessors. This is a tradition that seems to have staying power.

Cory Francer ’10 and Tricia Nadolny ’09
Andrew Lovell ’08 and Max Steinmetz ’08

Jackie Palochko ’11 and
Nic Barajas ’08

And, of course, Erica Hendry ’09