Sunday, March 31, 2013

Help Out Some Young Documentarians

Current senior Alexandra Evans, a former Ithacan news editor and opinion editor (some of you had the opportunity to meet her at the recent New York alumni dinner) is hard at work with a team of student filmmakers on “Line in the Sand,” a documentary about the resistance to the Keystone XL pipeline and tar sands oil. The film began as project in Ben Crane’s documentary workshop course (you all remember what that entails) last semester, but now the students are working to complete the film. There’s a lot of travel involved, as well as all the usual costs associated with making a film, so the students have launched an indiegogo campaign to try to raise money for the project.
I attended the screening at the end of last semester and was impressed with what they've produced so far. Go to their indiegogo page, check out their pitch, and, if you you're impressed, consider a donation to help them along.

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