Monday, March 26, 2012

Students and Alumni Schmooze in NYC

Clockwise from left: Matt Quintanilla,
Shawn Steiner, Elma Gonzalez, Kaydi
Poirier, Libby Sile, Stacey Coburn, Lisa
Boyars Gehrke, Sean Fennessey,
Bill Earl, Aaron Edwards, Kelli Grant,
Flora Wang and Nic Barajas.
Our trip to New York for the Spring National College Media Convention meant another opportunity to get alumni together with current students for dinner, networking and conversation at our usual watering hole, Heartland Brewery on W. 43rd St.
This year‘s turnout was one of the strongest yet. Nineteen alumni mixed with the eight students attending the conference, sharing stories of their student and professional experiences. At least one job connection and several internship leads came out of it.
Clockwise from left: Cole Louison,
Andy Swift, Erin Geismar, Matthew
Desii, Deepa Shah, Matt Kelly, Andrew
Weiser, Lara Bonner, Allie Healey and
James Sigman.
Among the highlights: a rare appearance by Anthony Iaffaldano ’99, the first chance to catch up with Sean Fennessey ’03 since he took over as online editor at GQ magazine, a visit from Patrick Doyle, who transferred to NYU his junior year and is now an editor at Rolling Stone, a chance to congratulate Libby Sile ’11 for the CSPA Crown Awards won by the paper under her editorship, and celebrating Matt Quintanilla ’07’s birthday.
From left: Nic Barajas, birthday boy
Matt Quintanilla and Deepa Shah.
This year’s alumni attendees: Nic Barajas ’08, Mike Cagnazzi ’98, Paul Colombo ’00, Stacey Coburn ’06, Patrick Doyle, Bill Earl ’09, Sean Fennessey ’03, Lisa Boyars Gehrke ’01, Erin Geismar ’09, Kelli Grant ’04, Anthony Iaffaldano ’99, Cole Louison ’00, Kaydi Poirier ’11, Matt Quintanilla ’07, Deepa Shah ’06, James Sigman ’98, Libby Sile ’11, Andy Swift ’09 and Andrew Weiser ’11.

Current students in attendance: editor in chief Aaron Edwards, managing editor Lara Bonner, assistant news editor Elma Gonzalez, assistant Accent editor Allie Healey, assistant sports editor Matt Kelly, assistant photo editor Shawn Steiner, chief copy editor Matthew Desii, and assistant design editor Flora Wang.
From left: Bill Earl, Patrick Doyle, Kaydi
Poirier and Libby Sile.

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