Thursday, March 08, 2012

Another Fight Club Reunion

Clockwise from top left, Andy Swift,
Michael Serino, Stephanie Serino, Erica Hendry,
Erin Geismar, Jen Nevins and Edon Ophir at Bar Basque
Over the winter break we took advantage of the brief return of Edon Ophir to the U.S. from Israel to hold another class of ’09 Fight Club reunion. We managed to get everyone from that year’s Ithacan writing workshop together at Bar Basque (another great restaurant recommendation from Erin Geismar) in New York — with the exception of Byard Duncan, who has migrated to the West Coast. After dinner we migrated ourselves, down to a bar in Murray Hill, where we met up with Emma Strachman and Revi Roza. It was a great time, as always.

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