Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weiser Joins Tech Startup

Weiser back at his post.
Among the alumni who returned to campus for Fall Splash was former Sports Editor Andrew Weiser ’11, who has moved to New York and is already putting his many talents to use. He writes:

“In addition to deciphering the New York City subway system and dodging taxis, I’ve been spending my time interning for The Cools, a tech startup company, in Soho.
 “The Cools is a social online marketplace that is redefining the relationship between the buyer and seller, while tailoring every users’ experience to their different tastes.
 “At The Cools, I wear many hats, which is made harder by the fact that I sit on a fitness ball. I was hired as a Social Media Intern and began laying the ground work of our community outreach and user acquisition. Leveraging Twitter, Facebook and email, I helped spread the word about The Cools.
 “I’ve transitioned into a role where I work with our different environments, testing functionalities and making sure the user experience is the best it can be. With a background in Journalism, I also assist in the copy writing, which is different experience considering many of my coworkers are French.
“ It’s a combination of my passion for technology and writing, and I gladly shoulder the expenses to be able to say I get out of bed excited to go to work. C’est la vie.”

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