Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Welcome to the Ithacan Alumni Blog

Through the years I've received many e-mails and phone calls from former Ithacan staffers who wanted to find out what had been going on at the paper since they'd been gone. Some were hoping to learn what had become of their former classmates. Some offered to provide current students with job or internship assistance. Others just wanted to say hello. So we've created this blog to help you keep in touch with the paper — and with each other.
This is a very special year for The Ithacan. 2006 marks the 75th anniversary of the paper, and we're planning events to celebrate throughout the year. The first will be a special Ithacan reunion at Alumni Weekend, June 2-4. We're hoping to get as many Ithacan people as possible back to campus that weekend for our anniversary celebration. Watch this space for details.


Kelli Grant said...

Great idea!

Ben said...

Yay! Ithacan news to follow as it comes. Thanks so much for making this happen Michael. Looking forward to reading.

ericadman said...

Damn blog software, I just wrote a lengthy entry and lost it while loggin in. Argh!

Oh well, I'll try again in the future. This is Eric Hyman, IC 83. My two roomates and I ran the biz side of the paper from about 81-83. Ad production, sales, business mgt, etc. It was our playground. We were in a dank one room office under one of the lower quads. April Fools was the highlight of the year. These were the pre desktop publishing days when we used linotype machines and manual paste-up. Funny to think back to that time but we learned a lot and had a good time. And I got my first job in adverstising due to a great resume I made (nearly published in a book called World's Greatest Resumes at the time) that I could only due since I knew how to use and had access to typesetting equipment.

Thanks Ithacan, you played a big role in my life. Will post more in the future and will try to get my two roomates Kip Haggett and Scott "Chief" Hahn to do so as well.

Eric Hyman