Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tell Us Your Stories

Remember those big stories? Those exciting interviews? Those crazy nights in the office?
Current Ithacan editor in chief Beth Quill is compiling historical and anecdotal information about the Ithacan's past for a story celebrating the paper's 75th anniversary. Drop her an e-mail at: (that's equill with the numeral 1 after it)
and share your memories of your time at The Ithacan. She'd like to hear from everyone, and especially from alums who worked on the paper before 1989. If you don't like e-mail, you can write to her at:

Elizabeth Quill
The Ithacan
Ithaca College
269 Park Hall,
Ithaca, NY 14850

Come on, we know you're out there.


Allison said...

Hey there! I wonder if any old fogey Ithacan alums like me are out here?? I was Entertainment editor (85-86), International News editor (86-87), and Managing Editor (87-88). This is such ancient history, that my most vivid late night memory is trying to get the wax machine to work so we could lay out the velum strips of copy by hand onto grid paper, using the wax to stick on the copy. Yep, this was back in the 1900s!! Anyway, hope this blog takes off. Good luck!

John Simon said...

I was an editor of The Ithacan in the last 70's. Most of our stories were about Apartheid in South Africa, Former IC president JJ Whalen's struggles with the student body and Ithaca "social issues" like gay rights and drugs on campus. Most advertising was for bars and nightclubs (the drinking age was 18), as there were over 200 places to grab a beer in Ithaca in 1976!