Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Welcome, New Ithacan Alumni!

Commencement each spring brings new graduates to the ranks of the Ithacan alumni, and this year is no different. While we said goodbye to quite a few current editors and staff members who received their degrees on May 18, we’re happy to welcome them to the ever-growing network of those whose experience on the paper will provide a springboard for future successes.

Megan Devlin and her family.
Elma Gonzalez with her family.

Among the 2014 graduates who served on the editorial board were Megan Devlin (editor-in-chief 2013–14), Sara Webb (managing editor, spring 2013), Allie Healy (managing editor 2013–14), Anjali Patel (opinion editor, fall 2013), Patrick Feeney (opinion editor, spring 2014), Elma Gonzalez (news editor, fall 2012), Jackie Eisenberg (Accent editor, fall 2013), Taylor Palmer (sports editor, fall 2013; Year in Review editor, 2014), Rose Vardell (assistant Accent editor), Vicky Wolak (chief copy editor, 2013–14), Deanna Romanoff (multimedia editor, spring 2014), Kevin Dates (sales manager 2012–13) and Chelsea Russo (Year in Review design editor, 2014).
Allie Healy and her mom.
The mighty Wenmouth
Williams, who is retiring
as journalism department chair.

Graduates who served as staff members included Mike Caffrey, Nik Decosta-Klipa, Rebecca Helmich, Lewis Kendall, Nathan King, Andrew Kristy, Cady Lang, Bianca Lupi, Dylan Maloney, Nick Marcatelli, Benjii Maust, Meagan McGinnes, Gillian Nigro and Mark Warren.

In addition, at our end-of-the-year awards ceremony at the Ithacan Banquet on May 1, the following people were recognized for their work:
Story of the Year: Jackie Eisenberg, “Break Out," March 20, 2014.
Photo of the Year: Amanda den Hartog, “#Cortaca2013,” Nov. 21, 2013.
Multimedia Story of the Year: Samantha Certrulo, Amanda den Hartog, Emma McQuade and Jillian Baker, “Taste of Success,” Feb. 6, 2014.
Outstanding Section: The Ithacan Online (Evan Sobkowicz, webmaster; Jessica Corbett, social media manager; Jillian Baker, interactive designer)
Outstanding Editor: Tucker Mitchell (photo editor)
Outstanding Freshman: Kayla Dwyer (assistant news editor)
Outstanding Senior: Elma Gonzalez
Outstanding Achievement: Megan Devlin, Allie Healy
Amanda den Hartog’s Photo of the Year

Congratulations to everyone for a great year!

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