Monday, October 07, 2013

Ithacan Brew Fest Strikes Again!

From left, Max Steinmetz ’08, Tricia Nadolny ’09, Erica Hendry ’09, Andy Swift ’09
 and Lydia Dimitridis ’08
The end of summer was once again officially commemorated by the return of Ithacan alumni to their alma mater for what’s informally become known as “Ithacan Brew Fest.” When the Ithaca Beer Company stopped sponsoring the city’s annual Labor Day beer festival a couple of years ago, a group of our alumni who had been coming back for it every year decided to just keep coming. 
Last year the gathering took place in Stewart Park, but this year, thanks to the initiative of Andrew Lovell ’08, they rented a place out toward Enfield — a beautiful multi-bedroom house complete with a well-equipped kitchen, in-ground swimming pool and an enormous yard. It provided a home-base for returning to favorite sites in the area, discovering new places and, of course, visiting the new Ithacan office. The weather was beautiful, we had a great time and the tradition shows no sign of dying out anytime soon.
Nic Barajas ’08 and Meghan Peters

Cory Francer ’10 and Andrew Lovell ’08

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