Monday, April 04, 2011

An Update from Liz Crowley Pontillo

When we saw her in New York last month, I asked Liz Crowley Pontillo ’04 for a life-update. Here it is:
“I’m about to enter my fifth year at Facts on File, working as a copywriter and proofreader in the publicity department. It’s an academic and school library reference publisher, but with the push for eBooks, the company is slowly moving into doing more Web-based products. With that, I’m about to start classes in HTML and design, so I can be ready when ‘print’ refers only to the computer function.
“I just got married five months ago to a wonderful guy. We live in Oyster Bay on Long Island, the post-presidential town of Theodore Roosevelt, and after several years of living in New York City, I’m still adjusting to life with a yard, cars and no building superintendent.”

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