Monday, July 14, 2008

The D.C. Summer Event

Stephanie and I made our annual summer visit to Our Nation’s Capital last weekend and had dinner with Ithacan alumni and current students interning in D.C. Friday night. (Our thanks to Dean Lynch for picking up the tab and to Rob Bluey for making the arrangements at Clyde's at Gallery Place.) Four of the last five Ithacan editors in chief were in attendance.
Photo 1 (left to right): rising junior Lena Yue, Melissa Bluey ’00, Rob Bluey ’01 (EIC 2000–01), Anne Walters ’05 (EIC 2004–05), Roger Custer ’04 and rising junior Tricia Nadolny.
Photo 2: Vanessa Leong ’00, Nate Weixel ’08, Max Steinmetz ’08, rising senior Erica Hendry (EIC 2007–08), Brenda (Ludwig) Geraghty ’03, Joe Geraghty ’04 (EIC 2003–04), the horizontal head of Charlie Ellsworth ’04, and Beth Quill ’06 (EIC 2005–06).
Photo 3: Tori Fusaro, Caitlin Connolly ’05, Charlie Ellsworth ’04, Rachel (Berlin) Moir ’00, Michael Moir and Andrew Lovell ’08.
Stephanie and I stayed out of the pictures, because we’re shy that way.


Erica said...

Charlie, nice head!

I had a great time! Thanks to Dean Lynch and Rob (and Michael, of course).

Anne said...

We had a great time and always love seeing our fellow Ithacan alums!