Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chuck Holliday Ties the Knot

Former Ithacan photo editor Chuck Holliday ’99 married Ashley Hendrix on December 1 in Memphis. The bride and groom met as law students at the Cecil C. Humpheys School of Law at the University of Memphis.
The couple now lives in Jackson, Tenn., about an hour east of Memphis. They work down the street from each other: Chuck is focusing on criminal defense and consumer law at the firm of Spragins, Barnett & Cobb; Ashley is building a practice in domestic relations and debtor bankruptcy.
“I think my journalism background has made me a better lawyer when it comes to doing research,” writes Chuck. “So many lawyers think that taking a deposition is a major ordeal, but I just see it as a long interview. In a sense, it’s even a little easier because the deponent is required to answer your questions and has sworn to tell the truth. Imagine writing an article and telling a source that he had to be at your office at a specific time and answer your questions under oath!”
Shown above at the wedding are Bonnie Flock ’01, Paul Colombo ’00, Ashley, Chuck, Jason Miller ’99, who served as best man, and Rachel (Berlin) Moir ’00.

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