Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Beth Quill Goes to England

Elizabeth Quill ’06 (editor in chief 2005-06) began an internship at Science magazine in this month after completing her master’s degree in science writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She will be writing daily news stories for Science’s Web site and also contributing front matter to the weekly magazine. (Here’s the address for the dailies in case you want to indulge in your geekier side ( Aside from a summer internship at The Chronicle of Higher Education in Washington D.C., Quill moves from Cambridge, Massachusetts to Cambridge, England for this six-month gig. Perks of living and working abroad include exploring lovely Cambridge, taking occasional business trips to London, and having the freedom to rattle on about everything from cell biology to particle physics without puzzling her colleagues. Though she still gets funny looks for other reasons.

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